Animal Resource Center

The RHHS Animal Resource Center is a program aimed at preventing relinquishments and strengthening positive adoption outcomes through behavior and personality assessments of our pets, educational classes for adopters and the public, pet training, post-adoption counseling and more. The ARC’s cat and dog behavior services are designed to strengthen the bonds between pets and their people by educating pet owners on how to manage pet behaviors through fun and informative classes and individual counseling.

Our behavior counselors are available to adopters and the public for free 30-minute counseling sessions in person or over the phone to solve problem behaviors and talk about ways to live more harmoniously with their pets, including training techniques, proper nutrition, play and toys, and socialization. To schedule an appointment, call 970-434-7337, ext. 102.

The ARC also hosts classes throughout the month on a variety of dog- and cat-related topics like Kitty Kindergarten, Taming Your Tiger, Puppy Potty Training, Crate Training, Nutrition, Grooming, Easing Aggression, and more. Classes are FREE to adopters within 6 months of adopting an animal from RHHS and cost $10/person ($15/couple) or an item off our wish list for members of the public.  Class size is limited and advance registration is required. Click here to view our calendar of classes and to register or call 970-434-7337.