Pet Behavior Counseling

When your pet’s behavior strains your bond with them, Roice-Hurst Humane Society offers behavior counseling to troubleshoot a variety of behavior challenges in dogs and cats. Behavior is one of the top reasons pets are rehomed, and our goal is to keep pets happy and together with the people who love them. Whether you adopted your pet from Roice-Hurst or not, we are here to help you work toward a peaceful coexistence with the furry friends you share your life with.

Behavior counseling services are free for Roice-Hurst adopters within 30 days of adopting a new pet. For all other pets, behavior counseling services cost $25 per hour. 

To access behavior counseling services, please complete the form below. Questions? Give us a call at 970-434-7337.


House training

Crate training

Destructive tendencies

Resource guarding


Excessive barking


Conflict between dogs in the home

Tricks and commands (sit, recall, stay, other tricks)

Other behavior challenges


Litter box issues

Conflicts between cats in the home

Destructive scratching

Shyness and socialization

Inappropriate play behaviors

Establishing prey preference

Excessive meowing and yowling

Urine spraying/marking

Tricks and commands (sit, spin, high five)

Other behavior challenges

Behavior Counseling Questionnaire


Questionnaire Coming Soon – Please call 970-434-7337 for assistance.