We are so thankful to you for supporting one of Roice-Hurst’s shelter pets as we work to provide resources for our community in this time of crisis. As the financial impacts of the crisis take root, we anticipate a sharp decline in donations, but we still have animals to care for and also expect demand for our community-based programs to increase. Consider supporting Roice-Hurst by joining the COVID Companion Foster Fundraiser!

Please fill-out the form below with as much detail as possible telling your family, friends, and every pet lover in your life why you chose to be a COVID Companion Foster and how their support can help Roice-Hurst continue to support our pets, our community, and our mission of promoting bonds between pets and their people. If you have any questions about the COVID Companion Foster Fundraiser please contact:

Executive Assistant, Megan – megan@rhhumanesociety.org     
Multimedia Storyteller, Sandy – sandy@rhhumanesociety.org

For a complete list of COVID Companion Foster Fundraisers CLICK HERE!

COVID Companion Foster Fundraiser Participant Information

Please fill out the fields below to create your personal fundraising page! We will contact you when your page is ready with a link to your page and instructions for making any changes.
  • Please provide a phone number we can call if we have questions while creating your personal fundraising page. This will not be shared on your page.
  • Your address will not be shared on your fundraising page or with any third party. If you wish not to receive mail from Roice-Hurst regarding Shelter Break or other shelter news, please inform our staff to add you to the "Do not mail" list.
  • Be sure to include your name so your supporters can find your page, and feel free to be creative! Example: "Jenny B. is Back and Raising Money for Shelter Pets!" For more examples, see the fundraiser page via the link provided above.
  • Please provide a short paragraph about why you chose to be a foster and how it has impacted you and your family. Also why you are participating in the COVID Companion Foster Fundraiser and why your friends, family, and coworkers should donate. This is an important part of your personal fundraising page and should motivate, inspire, challenge, and inform your supporters. This is a personal message to your supporters! We know asking for money can be difficult, but please be explicit in that you are choosing to participant to raise funds for Roice-Hurst Humane Society during this unprecedented time. For example - "I am raising money for Roice-Hurst Humane Society because..."
  • (Suggested minimum $250) We will provide creative ideas for meeting your goal. We will send an email with tips for promoting your participation and raising your goal after you sign up!
  • We recommend using a photo with yourself and your foster pet to help your supporters easily identify your page.