We are so thankful to you for supporting one of Roice-Hurst’s shelter pets as we work to provide resources for our community in this time of crisis. As the financial impacts of the crisis take root, we anticipate a sharp decline in donations, but we still have animals to care for and also expect demand for our community-based programs to increase. Consider supporting Roice-Hurst by joining the COVID Companion Foster Fundraiser!

Please fill-out the form below with as much detail as possible telling your family, friends, and every pet lover in your life why you chose to be a COVID Companion Foster and how their support can help Roice-Hurst continue to support our pets, our community, and our mission of promoting bonds between pets and their people. If you have any questions about the COVID Companion Foster Fundraiser please contact:

Executive Assistant, Megan – megan@rhhumanesociety.org     
Multimedia Storyteller, Sandy – sandy@rhhumanesociety.org

For a complete list of COVID Companion Foster Fundraisers CLICK HERE!