Surrendering your Dog

Instructions: Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible. Please be as specific as possible when describing behavioral concerns. This information will assist us in creating an appropriate shelter training/enrichment plan, meeting your animal’s needs while in our care and finding your cat an appropriate home.

A relinquishment fee of $100 for dogs is required in order for us to feed and provide medical care for your pet until it is re-homed. If an appointment is made for you to surrender your dog a $30 deposit may be required. Any deposit will be applied to the total relinquishment fee.

Submitting a form is no guarantee that we will be able to take in your dog, as we currently have a wait list. if you need to re-home your dog sooner another option is OR if you are a resident of Mesa County you can contact Animal Services, who have the same adoption policies as RHHS.

If an appointment is made for surrendering your dog please bring:

Medical records
Any medications or supplements
Any of your pet’s belongings – blankets, beds, toys, etc.
A few servings of their food
Any forms not submitted online
If adopted from Roice-Hurst Humane Society please bring the original adoption paperwork/folder

Surrendering your Dog