Meet the Staff at Roice-Hurst

Anna Stout & Viper

Chief Executive Officer

Anna Stout is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roice-Hurst Humane Society in Grand Junction, CO. She has over a decade of both nonprofit and business experience as the founder and president of the Foundation for Cultural Exchange and owner of Transfinem Language and Cultural Services, and has served on state- and national-level boards and committees. She was also a dog training instructor and is a passionate lover of animals, words, and travel.

Since becoming CEO in June of 2015, Anna has focused much of her effort on building and strengthening local, regional, and statewide collaborative relationships with animal and non-animal welfare agencies. She currently serves on the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies board of directors, as well as the Western Colorado Animal Resources Coalition board as Secretary. Anna brings a people-focused approach to her work in animal welfare. Her motto is “Default Empathy” and she works to bring a culture of kindness and wellness to the staff, animals, and public at Roice-Hurst.

When she’s not working, Anna’s passions are travel, writing, language, and the nonprofit world. She has two dogs, Rupert and Chewy and three cats, Poopies, Bella and Tatertot, and a nanday conure named Agador Spartacus.

Anna Stout and kitten
Megan and Smalls


Executive Assistant

Megan started at Roice-Hurst as the receptionist but her innate customer service, people and organizational skills quickly moved her into the position of Volunteer Coordinator and now as the Executive Assistant for our CEO.  As a recent graduate from CMU with a bachelor’s in sociology, Megan learned how societies function and felt inspired to be a part of a non-profit, where community outreach and teamwork is a must. Her passion for the organization increases every time she witnesses an adoption: “The hugs, tears, and countless “thank-you’s – It feels good to know that not only are the dogs and cats finding good homes, but also that we help people find the companions they’ve been searching for.”

Megan was born and raised in Grand Junction and has been the go-to for pet-sitting and has owned animals throughout her life. She has two dogs, Sami and Mojo. She spends a large portion of her free time working on photography, hiking, and art journaling.





Communication Coordinator

Jenna became involved at Roice-Hurst in 2018 after learning of the cat overpopulation problem in the Grand Valley and signed up as a kitten foster and volunteer, where she found her passion for animal welfare. She was quickly hired on as our Foster Coordinator while studying Mass Communication at Colorado Mesa University, a degree that she now uses daily as our Communications Coordinator. Jenna is responsible for content creation, like social media posts and newsletters.
She has two adorable cats at home, Peach and Plum, who were both found separately as newborn orphaned kittens and were placed together in a Roice-Hurst foster home, where they were bottle-fed by a superhero foster family. Jenna fell in love with Peach and Plum and had to adopt them! 



Megan and Smalls
Connor and Peaches



Connor is the Bookkeeper for Roice-Hurst. Since joining the team in December 2016, Connor has worked closely with the public. As the Bookkeeper, he ensures the smooth operation of the financial management of our non-profit organization. 

Connor’s proudest moment since beginning his tenure at the shelter was helping to isolate a Parvo outbreak.

When not at work, Connor likes to brew his own beer, garden, hike and spend time with his wife and their dogs, Ruby and Sammy, and two cats, Willow and Duncan, all adopted from Roice-Hurst.



Veterinary Services Manager

Catherine Whitney is a skilled and knowledgable veterinary technician with a background in higher education. Before joining our team, Catherine was a longtime volunteer, caring for our smallest and most vulnerable foster kittens and assisting with spay/neuter surgeries on our mobile veterinary unit. In her free time, Catherine enjoys exploring in her mobile home and spending time with her two cats.




Megan and Smalls

Mila & Eclipse

Shelter Supervisor

Mila joined our team in March 2018 as an Adoption Counselor before transitioning into Shelter Supervisor, ensuring the day-to-day shelter operations run smoothly.

Her favorite Roice-Hurst moments as an Adoption Counselor were spent educating the public on subjects such as declawing of cats. She also took part in behavioral consults for common feline issues in adopters’ homes which helped reduce feline shelter intake and strengthen the bond between cats and their people. “I am grateful to be a part of an organization with such a trailblazing approach to human and pet wellness. We make a big impact in our community because we have a compassionate vision towards animals and people, work together and lead by example”.

Mila has 2 cats, Dexter and Leo, and enjoys spending her free time performing aerial arts, watching movies and training her cats to do fun tricks. “

Lauren & Wander

Foster & Volunteer Coordinator

Lauren has a background in nonprofit work and public relations. She has a passion for animals and giving back to her community, so it’s no surprise that she was a Roice-Hurst volunteer prior to being hired! In her free time, Lauren enjoys live music shows and hanging out on the river with her border collie, Wander.





Arlena & Lillipuss

Vet Assistant

Arlena started at Roice-Hurst as an Adoption Counselor in 2015. Although she is now the vet Assistant, she still aids in the daily care of the animals and works with the public to help match pets with their Forever Homes. Arlena is also our resident Cat Behavior Counselor, helping with rehabilitating cats with behavioral and trust issues and working with the public who are experiencing cat behavior issues. 

In addition to working with animals, Arlena likes to have fun by trying to scare staff members. So watch out when coming into a room, you never know where she might be lurking.

Arlena and her family live on a farm and she relishes being surrounded by animals at home and work. 




Justin & Tinkerbell

Lead Adoption and Behavior Counselor

Justin joined the Roice-Hurst team in May, 2021. He takes great care of our animals and ensures they get into the best possible homes. Giving both the pet and the new owner a lifetime of happiness from the bonds they will create together. Justin previously worked at a zoo, giving him the experience in animal caretaking in both creating diets, enrichment activities, and cleaning.

Although some animals can be difficult to work with, Justin draws on his past experiences with other difficult animals and employs patience and understanding of their situation. He knows when it comes to animals anything is be possible.

Justin enjoys reading, writing, cooking, movies, traveling, and of course, learning anything about any animal. He has two dogs of his own, Perdy, a standard poodle, and her daughter, Bumblebee, a Weimaraner/poodle, which he calls his weimardoodle!





Adoption and Behavior Counselor

Brittany recently moved to Grand Junction from Denver with her adorable Doberman mix. She’s worked with animals since she was 12 years old, from horse stables to dog walking to doggy daycare. Brittany’s always dreamed of working in an animal shelter and is passionate about bettering the lives of people and animals.





Shay and Moody

Adoption and Behavior Counselor

Prior to joining the Roice-Hurst team, Shay spent years volunteering at a wild animal rescue before beginning her work with dogs and cats as a groomer and pet sitter. Not only is she an avid animal lover, Shay is also a talented and passionate musician and mental health advocate. Her personal pets include a leopard gecko named Naomi, Sekhmet the cat, and Natato the pittie puppy.





Sierra and Gorilla

Adoption and Behavior Counselor

Sierra joined our team at Roice-Hurst after finishing her degree in acting/directing and business from Colorado Mesa University, where she played rugby. Sierra’s favorite part of working at Roice-Hurst is matchmaking between pets and people, and of course, loving on tiny puppies and kittens! Outside of work, Sierra enjoys mudding, boating, snowboarding, and spending time with her dog, Lenny, and cat, John.





April & Sigourney L. Weaver


April is from Pennsylvania and has a background in exercise science and physical therapy. She’s always wanted to work with animals, so when it came time to change careers, April joined Roice-Hurst! April’s hobby outside of work is collecting and finding gems, rocks, and crystals. She shares her life with two kitties, Nugget and Louie. 





Nicole & Allie

Weekend Receptionist

Nicole started with Roice-Hurst in Feb 2021, but has been a longtime supporter and friend. She enjoys being a part of the organization because of all of the innovative programs for the community, pet health and wellness, and the variety of ways that Roice-Hurst can help pets and their people. As a medical Speech-Language Pathologist, Nicole has experience working with and helping people. 

When not working or spending time with her pets and family Nicole likes hiking, reading, and board games. She has a dog, Ruby, and two cats, Willow and Duncan, all adopted from RHHS.