Are you feeling guilty about the pets in our community that don’t have a home to call their own? Do you feel imprisoned by your love for these creatures? Join us at the Roice-Hurst Humane Society “Shelter Break” and break these pets out of the shelter for good!

Become one of our Canine Convicts or Feline Felons and raise your bail to care for all the animals that are locked up while they await their forever homes. Individuals and teams will be locked up in one of our dog kennels or in our cat rooms on Friday, June 22 from 9:00am-4:00pm until they meet bail, all the while socializing with our animals and feeling what it’s like to be a shelter pet.

We want to make it easy for you to raise your bail and break out of our shelter. To begin, we will set up a personal fundraising page for you to share with your friends and family. Please fill out the following information completely. Once we have created your personal fundraising page, you will receive an email with a link to your page and instructions for how to edit it, monitor donations, and share it with your friends and family through email and social media. We will also send you tips for meeting the bail goal you set for yourself and for promoting your participation in this fun new event to your networks!

For a list of participants and to get ideas for your personal fundraising page, visit the Shelter Break Fundraiser Page!

Shelter Break Participant Information for Personal Fundraising Page

Please fill out the fields below to create your personal fundraising page! We will contact you when your page is ready with a link to your page and instructions for making any changes.
  • Please provide a phone number we can call if we have questions while creating your personal fundraising page. This will not be shared on your page.
  • Your address will not be shared on your fundraising page or with any third party. If you wish not to receive mail from Roice-Hurst regarding Shelter Break or other shelter news, please inform our staff to add you to the "Do not mail" list.
  • Be sure to include your name so your supporters can find your page, and feel free to be creative! Example: "Jenny B. is Back and Raising Money for Shelter Pets!" For more examples, see the fundraiser page via the link provided above.
  • Please provide a short paragraph about why you are participating in Shelter Break 2018 and why your friends, family, and coworkers should donate towards your bail. This is an important part of your personal fundraising page and should motivate, inspire, challenge, and inform your supporters. This is a personal message to your supporters!
  • (Suggested minimum $250) We will provide creative ideas for raising your bail! You can share your fundraising page and meet your goal prior to the event, or challenge yourself to raise it all during your time in lock-up. We will send an email with tips for promoting your participation and raising your bail after you sign up!
  • We recommend using a photo with yourself and a beloved pet to help your supporters easily identify your page. If you would like to come to the shelter to take a photo "behind bars" with a shelter pet, just let us know! (In the meantime, please provide a temporary photo to use on your page.)
  • Note: Space in each area is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
    (You are still welcome to attend the barbecue catered by Rib City BBQ at the shelter following the event at 4pm to celebrate our first ever Shelter Break!)
  • Teams are limited to 4 people. Each team member must fill out this form to create a personal fundraising page, which will be linked to the team page. Your team may decide how to schedule its members on the day of the Shelter Break, keeping in mind that only one member will be allowed in the kennel/cat room at a time. (You can decide later to create/join a team if you are unsure right now.)
  • For Teams:

  • Be creative and make sure your supporters will be able to identify your team from its name! If you do not know your team name, enter the name(s) of your other team member(s) here.
  • If you are participating with a team, list the name of the person who will serve as the primary point of contact.
  • (If applicable)
  • Please provide a short paragraph about your team and why your friends, family, and coworkers should donate towards your team's bail. This should be a personal note from your team!