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Nolan and Blu

Shelter Manager

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Ashley & Chubbs

Adoption Counselor

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Mila & Eclipse

adoption Counselor

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Kyndal & Petunia

Adoption Counselor

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Kyndal started with RHHS in December 2017. She previously worked in a variety of animal related fields including dog walking, pet sitting, assisting dog grooming, and dog daycare and boarding. As an Adoption Counselor Kyndal cares for the animals daily needs and helps find forever homes by meeting with potential adopters and finding them the right match then facilitating the adoption process.
When not at RHHS Kyndal spends time with her two pets that were bot adopted from Roice-Hurst - Louise a tuxedo cat and Petunia a bordercolli/ corgie (borgie).

Raven & Casey

Kennel Lead/Safety Coordinator

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Raven started with RHHS as a volunteer in February 2017 in hopes of gaining hands-on experience to go along with her education as a Veterinary Assistant. She was hired as a staff member in August 2017. As an Adoptions Counselor for both cats and dogs Raven loves working side by side with humans and animals; providing care, comfort, and support to those in need of a bond that will last a lifetime. Being a Certified Veterinary Assistant, gives her the knowledge and background to help with many common questions the public might have during the adoption process.
When not at work, Raven and her family like to go explore nature. Whether hiking, rock climbing, riding on quads, or fishing; nature is where they love to be.
Raven has five cats at home, two were adopted from Roice-Hurst.

Brenda, Jack and Ozzie

Adoption Counselor

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Brenda began as an Adoption Counselor with RHHS in December of 2017. She previously worked as a client service representative at a veterinary hospital for the Richmond SPCA. Their mission, visions and values are very similar to those of Roice-Hurst. She is honored to have worked for and continue working with amazing people who envision a community that celebrates pets.
Brenda loves making matches between people looking for that special dog or cat. When she is not working she loves playing with her own perfect matches - Jack and Ozzie.

Sandy & Elsa

PR/Multimedia Storyteller

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Sandy is the PR/Multimedia Storyteller for Roice-Hurst. She began in April 2017, and comes with a background in higher education and public relations. She enjoys working with the public and bringing attention to the needs of RHHS.
Sandy has five animals of her own, 3 dogs and 3 cats.

Connor & Peaches

Office Manager

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Connor is the Office Manager for Roice-Hurst. Since beginning in December 2016 Connor has worked closely with the public. As the office manager he ensures the smooth operation of the administrative aspects of our non-profit organization. Connor maintains much of our record keeping and oversees the maintenance and functionality of our property.
Connor’s proudest moment since beginning at the shelter was helping to isolate a Parvo outbreak.
When not at work, Connor likes to brew his own beer and spend time with his wife.

Emily & Mo

Animal Care Supervisor

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Emily is the Animal Care Supervisor and Veterinary Technician for Roice-Hurst. She performs medical intake exams on all animals to ensure their optimal health and prevent the spread of disease(s) in the shelter and address any concerns that arise while they are at the shelter. Emily holds a BS in Biology and has four years’ prior experience.
Since she began with Roice-Hurst in September 2016, she has seen many animals who have recovered from physical and behavioral issues find loving Forever Homes.
Emily has always loved and cared for animals. She has five of her own - two dogs, and three cats. As a child, she had business cards calling her a “Friend of all Animals.” She hopes to one day become a veterinarian.

Jodi & Mighty Mite

Animal Resource Center Director/ Cat Behavior Counselor

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Jodi is the Cat Care Specialist for Roice-Hurst. She has over 18 years’ experience as a Veterinary Technician, the last eight years focusing on cat behavior. Soon after starting in August of 2016 she helped develop the Animal Resource Center (ARC). The purpose of the ARC is to work with pet owners who experience pet behavioral issues and reduce relinquishments due to those behaviors.
Jodi takes pride in starting the ARC and working with cats that have deemed unadoptable and getting them into their Forever Homes.
“There are no ordinary cats” Colette

Laura & Rex

Events & Volunteer Coordinator

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Laura, Events and Volunteer Coordinator for Roice-Hurst, brings extensive recruiting experience. She matches people and their skills to the needs of the organization. She served 20 years in the Human Resources field with some intermittent experience with animals. In 2005, Laura worked a part-time weekend job traveling 60 miles a day to gain exposure and seek out her true passion at a Dog Daycare.
In 2009, she and her dog Kelsea, became certified Pet Partners and Kelsea a Good Citizen Canine. Laura served as a volunteer with Heeling Partners where she and Kelsea paid visits to the local nursing home and helped kids with reading difficulties in the “Paws to Read” program.
Laura graduated from Colorado State University and gradually migrated from the Front Range to the Mountains where she met her husband, Patrick in Aspen. Together, they rescued Duncan, an Australian Kelpie from an animal sanctuary before having their son, Lawson.
Not even 3 months into her working for Roice-Hurst, Laura and her family adopted a dog from the shelter that arrived on Valentine’s Day!
Today, she lives in Palisade with her family and three dogs where she dreams of using her property to further promote the well-being, recreation and happiness of dogs.

Anna Stout & Viper

Executive Director

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Anna Stout is the Executive Director of Roice-Hurst Humane Society in Grand Junction, CO. She has over a decade of both nonprofit and business experience as the founder and president of the Foundation for Cultural Exchange and owner of Transfinem Language and Cultural Services, and has served on state- and national-level boards and committees. She was also a dog training instructor and is a passionate lover of animals, words, and travel.

Since becoming Executive Director in June of 2015, Anna has focused much of her effort on building and strengthening local, regional, and statewide collaborative relationships with animal and non-animal welfare agencies. She currently serves on the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies board of directors, as well as the Western Colorado Animal Resources Coalition board as Secretary. Anna brings a people-focused approach to her work in animal welfare. Her motto is "Default Empathy" and she works to bring a culture of kindness and wellness to the staff, animals, and public at Roice-Hurst.

When she's not working, Anna's passions are travel, writing, language, and the nonprofit world. She has two dogs, Gary and Rupert, two cats, Poopies and Bella, and a nanday conure named Agador Spartacus.

Arlena & Lillipuss

Adoption Counselor - Cats

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Arlena has been an Adoption Counselor with Roice-Hurst since 2016. She aids in the daily care of the animals and works with the public to help match pets with their Forever Homes. Arlena works closely with our Cat Care Specialist, rehabilitating cats with behavioral issues to once again learn to trust people.