Join us starting on October 13 at 12:00pm to help “Zero Out the Locks” and raise money for the homeless pets in our community! Below are the running totals to date.

$10 - 2,500

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$100 - 250

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$200 - 125

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Our shelter pets feel locked up every day, waiting for the moment their forever families arrive to bust them out for good. Our incredible staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide love, enrichment, and top quality care for our pets while they await that moment, but it is still difficult to adapt to life in a shelter. In honor of these dogs and cats, we are campaigning to “Zero Out the Locks” and raise money for their care while they are at our shelter.

You can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets and help “Zero Out the Locks” by donating above beginning at noon on October 13, or by dropping your check off any time between now and October 15! (And while you’re there, please allow us to give you a tour and introduce you to our amazing animals.)

This online “Zero Out the Locks” campaign begins at noon on Friday, October 13 and ends at midnight on Sunday, October 15. You can participate by clicking on the lock you want to help bring down to zero. There are 3 separate locks to choose from — $10, $100, and $200, but you can contribute any amount and click the locks down accordingly. For example, a $90 donation clicks the $10 lock 9 times. You can choose the combination and which lock you want to click down! We aim to recruit 2,500 donations of $10, 250 donations of $100, and 125 donations of $200.

Have any questions?

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