November 1st – November 7th is Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week. Local animal shelters have been helping communities for years. They are great resources to find and adopt new family pets, volunteer with animals, or provide education and tools within the animal community. This week is a great time to thank your local shelters and rescues for all the work they do to help animals!

During this time, Roice-Hurst Humane Society wants to say how grateful we are for the opportunities we have had to partner with other shelters and rescues. We have been able to support and receive support from Mesa County Animal Services, TAILS, CARE, Surface Creek Animal Shelter, and many other rescue organizations both in and out of Colorado. Working with other organizations has given us the ability to help so many animals find their loving, fur-ever homes and we cannot thank them enough! Now we would like to ask you to take some time to thank a shelter or a rescue for all they do! Here are just a few ideas to get you started: 

Donate. Donating money, food, or other pet supplies to these organizations makes a huge impact on what they do. Plus it is a great way to stay involved and say thanks!

Volunteer. Spending time with animals at the shelter or helping staff with daily tasks is invaluable to rescue organizations. Giving your time is a great way to show you understand how important the organization is and that you care. 

Spread the Word. Tell your friends and family about your favorite animal shelter or rescue. The more people are aware of the benefits these organizations provide, the more support they can receive from the community. 

Spay or Neuter Your Pets. Helping keep the animal population down is one of the biggest ways to support your local shelter or rescue organization. There is no better way to say thank you, than by doing your part to help. 

Use Your Words. Calling or writing to say thank you has a huge impact on the staff members. Animals can’t speak, but you can! Drop a line today to let them know you appreciate what they do.