Delta Satellite Facility

Our Delta Satellite Facility is located at 720 W. 4th Street in Delta, Colorado. We are contracted by the City and County of Delta to provide shelter and care for stray and impounded pets in the Delta area. We work to help lost pets find their way home, and if pets are not reclaimed after a 5-day stray hold, they enter our adoption program at our main facility in Grand Junction. We also offer support programs for pet owners, like a Pet Pantry and Spay/Neuter assistance. All other programs, like adoptions, crisis pet boarding, pet behavior counseling, and more are available to Delta residents through our Grand Junction location. 

Stray Pets At Our Delta Facility

My pet is at your facility! What do I do?

Please call us at 970-874-1078 to let us know and stop by the shelter during our open hours to reclaim your pet within the 5-day stray hold. Please bring proof of ownership (photos, vet records, adoption records, etc.), the pet’s current rabies certificate, a method of payment, and your photo ID to reclaim.


  • Impound Fee: $25
    The impound fee may be waived on the first offense with the purchase of a microchip, at the discretion of RHHS staff.
  • Daily Care Fee: $25 per night
    This fee covers the cost of caring for the pet at our facility.
  • Rabies Deposit: $15
    Required by law: If you do not bring proof of a current rabies vaccine at the time of reclaim, you must obtain a rabies vaccination or proof of current vaccination for the pet within 5 days of release in order for this deposit to be refunded to you.
  • Bite Quarantine: $185
    This fee is applicable if your pet is staying our facility to undergo a 10-day bite quarantine.

  • Pet License: $25
    Mandatory within city limits. Valid for the life of a pet as long as the rabies vaccine is up to date and certificate is provided to Delta Police Department.
  • Microchip: $15
    A microchip is the most reliable, permanent form of identification for your pet.
How long does Roice-Hurst hold stray dogs?

The mandatory stray holding period in Colorado is 5 days. During that time, we post stray pets to this website, our Roice-Hurst Humane Society – Delta Facebook page, and the Delta County Lost and Found Pets group on Facebook. If the dog is not claimed within 5 days, the dog may be placed into our adoption program at our main Grand Junction facility.

What do I do if I lost my pet?

Please call 970-874-1078 to give us a description of your pet and your contact information. All pets on stray hold at our facility will be posted above. We also recommend posting about your pet in the Delta County Lost and Pets Facebook group, as well as speaking to neighbors and posting flyers in the area the pet went missing. 

What do I do if I found a dog?

If you have found a dog, please first try to find the dog’s owner. Most stray dogs are close to home. If you cannot locate an owner and the dog was found within the City or County of Delta, please call dispatch at 970-874-2015 to create a stray report with law enforcement. We are unable to accept stray dogs without a stray report on file. We are also unable to accept dogs found outside of the City of Delta or Delta County.

What do I do if I found a cat?

If you find a healthy adult cat, please do not remove it from where you found it unless it is in imminent danger. If you find a cat you suspect is sick or abandoned (i.e. malnourished, matted, exhibiting signs of illness, etc.) or if you find kittens and are certain there is no mother cat around, call us at 970-874-1078 to discuss what to do next.

Do I have to license my pet?

The City of Delta requires all owned cats and dogs (6 months and older) to be licensed. Licenses can be obtained at the Delta Police Department or at our Delta Satellite Facility. Licenses are valid for the life of the pet, as long as the pet stays current on its rabies vaccination.

Can I bring a pet to the shelter to rehome?

We do not accept walk-in surrenders at our Delta Satellite Facility. Click here to learn about our rehoming process. We also recommend posting your pet on

What do I do if I suspect animal abuse or neglect?

If you live within Delta city limits, please call 970-874-7676 to report suspected abuse or neglect. If you live outside city limits within Delta County, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 970-874-2015.

Why are pets transferred to the Grand Junction facility after their stray hold expires?

Our Delta Satellite Facility is a small building intended to hold pets for just a few days. We are contracted by the City of Delta and Delta County to hold stray and impounded pets in this facility. Our main facility in Grand Junction is fully-staffed with animal care, behavior, and veterinary staff, as well as a robust volunteer force, to provide the most humane and enriching experience for pets waiting to find homes, which may take up to several months for our harder-to-place pets. Our Grand Junction facility has more space, resources, and opportunities for enrichment for the longer-term pets in our care. Delta residents looking to adopt can visit our Grand Junction facility, adopt a pet living in a Delta area foster home, or call us at 970-874-1078 to make other arrangements to meet a specific pet.


Do you accept donations?

Yes! We are always grateful for monetary donations, blankets, cleaning supplies, pet food (opened bags are ok), and other pet supplies. 


Mon-Fri 12pm-4pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-3pm






720 W. 4th Street,
Delta, CO 81416