Rehoming Your Pet

We know rehoming your pet is a difficult decision. Our mission is to create, promote, and preserve bonds between pets and their people — if you feel you can no longer care for your pet because of pet behavior challenges, housing insecurity, financial hardship, or other crisis situations, we can provide or direct you to resources that may help you keep your pet at home.

Resources to Keep You and Your Pet Together

Pet Food & Supplies

Our Pet Pantry offers supplemental pet food and essential supplies for dogs and cats when pet care items just won’t fit the budget this month.

Behavior Counseling

Our team can help you troubleshoot a variety of dog and cat behavior challenges, from litter box issues to destructive tendencies.

Short-Term Pet Boarding

We offer pet boarding for up to 30 days while pet owners navigate challenges, like finding stable housing or spending time away for medical treatment.

Pet-Friendly Homeless Shelter

Our Homeward Hounds partnership allows houseless individuals to sleep securely with their pets.

Domestic Violence

The Hilltop Latimer House works to provide a safe place for clients’ pets. Learn more by calling the Latimer House at 970-241-0324.

Pet-Friendly Rentals

Catholic Outreach’s Almost Home lists available rentals in the Grand Valley, specifying which ones are pet-friendly.

Veterinary Costs

We have compiled a list of national grant programs that help pet owners with veterinary costs.

Spay/Neuter Assistance

We offer free or discounted spay/neuter vouchers for dogs and cats.

How to Rehome Your Pet

Sometimes, finding a new home for your pet is the best option, and we understand this decision is never easy. There are several options to rehome your pet without them having to enter a shelter:

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet

Click here to create an Adopt-a-Pet profile for your pet and connect with potential adopters while your pet remains comfortably in your home. Waive the listing fee with our exclusive code: RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z. Learn more: Adopt-a-Pet FAQ, How It Works

Networking with friends and family

Talk to your friends, family, coworkers, and your social media network about rehoming your pet. A trusted acquaintance may be interested in adopting your pet!

Foster your pet through Roice-Hurst until they are adopted

This option is for eligible pets only. Transfer ownership of your pet to Roice-Hurst, but continue caring for the pet in your home as a foster pet until they find a new family with our help. To learn more about this process and see if you are eligible, email

If you are unable to find a new home for your pet on your own, we are here to help as space allows. Roice-Hurst is a socially-conscious shelter, which means every treatable, behaviorally safe pet will find a home. Our knowledgeable adoption and behavior counselors will work hard to match your pet to a loving, appropriate family where they can thrive.

Before your pet can be considered for rehoming through Roice-Hurst, please click here to create a profile for the pet on Adopt-a-Pet to connect your pet with potential adopters before they ever enter our shelter. Waive the listing fee with our exclusive code: RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z

Then, click the button below to complete our rehoming form. This form will help us find the most appropriate foster/adoption placement and the best outcome for your pet, so please set aside 15 minutes to complete the form in its entirety and with detail. Please note that submitting a form is not a guarantee that we will be able to take in your pet, and we often have a wait list for animals entering the shelter. You will be called to make an appointment to bring your pet to the shelter when space allows.