Many people believe that cats are low-maintenance and don’t have a lot of need for anything special in their lives. But cats can be very social creatures and have a set of needs that still need to be met for them to live happy, healthy lives. Here are 5 ways you can help your cat live their best life!

Make yearly vet visits. Healthy cats are happy cats! Does your cat hate the carrier, making the veterinary visit a difficult trip? Try leaving the carrier out in the open for a few days (or even year round) prior to your cats visit. Fill it with treats, catnip, a bed, and their favorite toys so they can get used to thinking of their carrier as a good thing! Visiting your veterinarian for their annual health check-up helps you keep track of your cat’s health and keep them happy.

Feed a healthy diet. Making sure your cat is getting proper nutrition is essential to having a happy healthy cat. Cats’ needs vary, so ask your veterinarian about your cat’s specific dietary requirements. It’s also important to make your cat work for their food. Not only does this help to prevent them from becoming overweight (another health risk), but it stimulates their prey drive. 

Take care of their environment. Cats can be finicky creatures when it comes to using the litter box, eating, and scoping out their territory. Make sure you clean their litter box daily as they prefer to use a clean box. Please note, you should have one more box than you have cats and to keep their boxes in private places so they feel safe. The same goes for where they eat and drink. Having a safe space away from the other pets (even other cats in the house) can make your cat much more comfortable. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to have places up high (bookshelves, cat trees, etc) that your cat can get to in order to survey their territory or hide when they feel threatened. Some cats do like to hide in low spaces, so give them access under the bed, sofa, or even a cave bed or box to hide in if that is their preference. 

Enjoy spending quality time with them. Cat people know that cats are truly affectionate creatures. Take time to play with your cat. Bringing out their favorite toys and having play sessions keeps them stimulated and happy. Some people even train their cats to walk on a leash or build an outside area to help keep them happy and safe outdoors while they hang out together. Cats do love being with their people just as much as we love being with them! 

Consider getting more than one cat. As mentioned, cats are social creatures. Getting another cat companion can really increase your cat’s happiness. It gives them a play and napping buddy. Not to mention, it can help prevent them from feeling lonely while you’re at work. 

However you choose to celebrate Happy Healthy Cat Month, make sure you do it with extra love in your heart for your feline friend!