December is Cat Lovers Month! Cat owners are well aware: cats have antics! In fact, cats have become internet famous because of their odd habits. But this is what makes cats great! Whether they are randomly sprinting from room to room, stealing your keyboard space, or adorably booping your nose, cats provide unlimited entertainment.

They also provide unlimited amounts of love. Some people think cats are cold, aloof, and indifferent animals, but any cat lover will tell you how untrue that is. “I love my cats because they have big personalities and they know how to make me happy. My day is better after waking up with my cats next to me.” – Jenna Kretschman, Foster Coordinator. Cats love their people just as much as their people love them.

Aside from being adorable, cats are good for your health. Studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and are less likely to get heart disease. They also help to lower stress and anxiety levels just by being near! But those are not the only benefits that cats give to their owners. Cats purr at a frequency that has been shown to promote healing of injuries. Cat owners are also more likely to get a good night’s sleep by having their cats with them. Even just watching videos of cats has proven to increase happiness and boost energy levels! Whew! That’s a lot of benefits from our furry companions.

Cats, with their unique personalities, make for some of the best animal companions. So when you think about staying cozy this winter, consider curling up with a feline friend. You’ll feel less stressed about the holidays and you’ll have a reason to smile every day!