February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. There are many reasons to spay/neuter your pets – for their health, prevent unwanted litters, curb bad behavior, and reduce homelessness and pet overpopulation.

By spaying/neutering your pet now you will help prevent the influx of spring/summer kittens and puppies. The warmer weather signals a time for breeding and this is when shelters like Roice-Hurst see an increase in the pet population. With your help we can limit this increase.

Not sure when to spay/neuter? The earlier the better. Cats should be spayed/neutered by 4-months of age. Dogs vary by their size, please see your vet for more information. Don’t have a vet? May we recommend one of our partner vets?

Studies show that pets who have been spayed/neutered live longer by avoiding dangers such as the urge to roam. Moreover it decreases the likelihood of several life altering illness such as cancers.

You will see a difference in behavior as well. Unaltered males are more likely to mark and exhibit various dominance-related behaviors. Spaying/neutering will reduce this behavior.

Having your pet spayed/neutered can be an expensive undertaking, but in the end it is a great investment for both you and your pet. To help with the cost Mesa County Animal Services offers discount vouchers and other vets offer specials throughout the year. Contact your vet to day and schedule a spay\neuter appointment.