This winter, five nearly-identical small dogs were rescued from unsanitary living conditions by Delta authorities. Six-year-old Merlin was in the worst shape of them all — unable to stand or walk, incontinent, and covered in mats and waste.

At first, Merlin was so weak and immobile that he needed to be flipped from one side to the other every few hours to prevent sores.

After a vet exam, a thorough cleaning and grooming, a delicious meal, and a fateful move into the most loving foster home, Merlin’s spirits lifted. What he lacked in physical ability, he made up for in sweetness and charisma.

Finding an adoptive home for a disabled pet is often a long and taxing challenge. Luckily for Merlin, he was home all along! His foster mom Jenna loved him so much, she decided to promote him to a permanent family member.

Today, after months of physical therapy, Merlin zooms around the house in his homemade wheelchair and is living the life he’s always deserved.

“He’s getting stronger every day,” Jenna said. “I wouldn’t trade this little guy for anything.”

Merlin recently began standing and stumbling unassisted — a hopeful testament to the incredible love his family has poured into him.