While she may be nearly 11 years old, Faith’s life has just begun. At this time last year, she was living in a home with 36 other dogs in inhumane living conditions. When she arrived at Roice-Hurst Humane Society, her fur was matted, both eyes were badly infected, she was skinny, dehydrated, and lethargic, and she had just one rotting tooth remaining. Of all her housemates, Faith was in the worst shape.

At Roice-Hurst, Faith was freed of her mats, given crucial vet care, fed nutritious meals, and had her painful tooth removed. She was still too frail to undergo her spay surgery, so Faith and her sister, Love, moved into foster care for some extra love and comfort.

Faith’s story doesn’t end there. Just four days before her scheduled spay surgery, Faith surprised everyone by giving birth to a tiny, unexpected puppy! Her name is Gia, and despite all odds, she is thriving and absolutely beautiful. The best part – Faith’s foster mom decided to adopt all three girls!

Faith spent this holiday season in a warm, loving home with her sister, daughter, and new mom, all thanks to this generous community that enabled her to get the care she desperately needed.