April 7-12 is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week! At Roice-Hurst we work closely with Mesa County Animal Services to promote animal and community health. We appreciate their tireless efforts and continued professionalism.

The Officers of Mesa County Animal Services are like any other law enforcement officials who work to ensure the safety of the public. Officers of MCAS not only have to handle delicate situations with people, they also encounter fearful dogs and the dangers associated with apprehending a scared dog. These officers risk their safety on a daily basis and we are thankful to have them to protect our community.

As part of our value of collaboration, Roice-Hurst works closely with MCAS and relies on their professionalism and expertise when dealing with dogs in our own facility. Our relationship with MCAS is unique and not the typical joint effort found in other cities between animal law enforcement and private animal welfare organizations. Instead of competition for resources we choose collaboration for the betterment of our community and animals.

Remembering the hardships of their position, the next time you encounter a Mesa County Animal Services Officers, be sure to thank them for their continued service to our community.