We want to empower the community to advocate for animals who may be in an unsafe situation. Here are tips to make a report if you suspect animal cruelty or neglect.

If an animal is in immediate danger please call 911.


  • How do I make a report?
    • To report abuse or neglect of cats and/or dogs contact Mesa County Animal Services (MCAS) at (970) 242-4646, or you can file a report online at https://animalservices.mesacounty.us/animal-cruelty–neglect/. It may be hard to tell whether a situation is neglect or abuse, so when in doubt it’s better to report. You can make an anonymous report and there are statues that protect you from civil liability if you are reporting in good faith.
    • To report abuse or neglect of other domestic animals such as, cattle and horses, contact the Mesa County Sherriff’s Office at (970) 244-3500 or visit their website at https://sheriff.mesacounty.us/
  • What information is needed to file a report?
    • A physical address of where the animal can be seen.
    • The animal(s) description.
    • What you have seen that causes you concern for the animal’s welfare. Taking pictures or videos of the situation (without trespassing) helps strengthen the investigation and get the animal appropriate help.
  • What steps are taken once a report is filed?
    • Based on the information provided, MCAS officers will go out and observe the animal and the situation. The officer will determine whether or not the animal is in immediate danger, and take appropriate steps to ensure the animal’s safety.
  • Why should I report?
    • There is a direct link between human violence and animal abuse.
    • To promote a kind and compassionate community!

Reference: https://animalservices.mesacounty.us/