Summer is a great time to kick-off back-yard barbeques, spend time with friends and family, and celebrate the 4th with fireworks. While all of that is a lot of fun for us, it can cause stress for our furry companions. This type of stress can cause pets to get scared and hide or even run away. Here are a few reminders to keep your pets safe and happy while still having fun this summer. 

Inviting friends and family: Having people coming in and out of the house along with loud noises can make your dog or cat uncomfortable. Have a safe place for them to hang out away from the noise and chaos. If your pet is friendly with people, remind friends and family to keep doors and gates closed to ensure your animals are kept safe inside. 

Barbeques. Sunshine, a hot grill, and cold drinks make for a great time. Just remember that pets are often sensitive to many different foods that people eat. It is best not to give your pet anything outside of their regular diet, as it can cause upset stomachs. Remind your guests that no matter how cute their begging face is, extra snacks are off limits. Pets do sometimes sniff out a crumb or two, so here is a list of the most common toxic people foods to pets. 

Fireworks. Fireworks are really pretty for us to look at, but they come with loud noises that frighten our pets. Keep your pets inside for the firework shows you know about (GJ Rockies games, July 4th, etc) to help prevent them from being lost. Additionally, you can play calming music, leave the TV on or provide them with a thunder coat to help keep them calm. 

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, door and gates get left open and pets can get lost. Making sure your pet is wearing a collar with their tags and are microchipped increases the chance of getting them home safely. Always check that your pet’s microchip information is up to date. If your pet is not microchipped, schedule an appointment for one of our microchip only clinics where you can get your pet chipped and registered for only $15!

Summer fun can be had by pets an people when precautions are taken!