Too Long Tale

At Roice-Hurst we work hard to find Forever Homes for all of our animals. However, some animals have special needs and it takes a little longer to find the perfect match between pet and owner. Tinker is such a case.

Tinker was relinquished to RHHS in August of 2016 with severe petting induced aggression. From August until December she was in our behavior program where our cat counselor worked with her daily to understand her aggression and help control her behavior. She successfully made it through the behavior program and was made available for adoption in December 2016.

Tinker is a cat that does not like to be petted, it is extremely uncomfortable for her. Her perfect “Forever Home” would be someone that would like to have a companion, but understands that she is never going to be an affectionate cat.

Tinker 1 Tinker2