Each year, the first full week of November is dedicated to celebrating and showing gratitude towards the lifesaving work provided by animal shelters and rescues nationwide. As a vital part of the communities they serve, animal shelters and rescues devote themselves tirelessly to bettering the lives of not only homeless animals, but also owned pets in need throughout the community. Without rescue organizations, many services like adoption, sheltering and reuniting lost pets, cruelty investigations, spay and neuter programs, pet care assistance, and more would be nonexistent. Everything animal shelters strive to accomplish and provide to their communities can’t exist without these organizations, but they also couldn’t exist without one additional — and important — key factor: you!

Without the support of the people in the community, rescue organizations would fade away as a thing of the past. National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is the perfect time to say ‘thank you’ to shelters and rescues in your area. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas on how you can show your support and gratitude to an animal shelter near you and be a part of the solution.

  1. Adopt a shelter pet! According to the ASPCA, “approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.1 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats.” One of the greatest ways you can help your local rescue is choosing to adopt a shelter animal. Dogs and cats of all ages, shapes, sizes, breeds, and colors are looking for their forever homes every day. Adoption not only saves the life of the pet you are taking home, but also changes the life of the next animal who takes your new friend’s place at the shelter. To view RHHS pets looking for their forever home, visit our Available Pets page.
  2. Become a foster! Becoming a foster for dogs and cats frees up space in the shelter for more animals and provides a home environment for shelter pets who would benefit from additional or specialized care. These temporary arrangements typically last anywhere from a week to a couple of months, but the care provided during a foster stay can changes a pet’s life forever. Without foster homes, shelters and rescues would have a more difficult time caring for and adopting out animals who are newborn, orphaned, pregnant or nursing, under-socialized or untrained, have special needs, and more. However, foster homes aren’t just for pets with special or additional needs! Dogs and cats of all backgrounds and levels of care benefit from foster care. To learn more about becoming a foster for RHHS or to sign up, visit our Foster Care Program page.
  3. Become a volunteer! Volunteers are an important and much appreciated part of rescue organizations. By becoming a volunteer, you can become part of the lifesaving work of your local rescue and be a part of the solution, even if you don’t have experience with dogs and cats! At RHHS, there are many different ways you can volunteer including dog and cat care, cleaning and maintenance, assisting with vaccination clinics, vet care, and surgery recovery, transporting dogs and cats, office work, and community outreach like events, supply drives, and fundraisers. To learn more about our volunteer opportunities or to sign up, visit our Volunteer page!
  4. Donate! We can’t do what we do without you! There are many ways to show your support through donations. We greatly appreciate donations of all kinds, monetary or otherwise! Some non-monetary donations that greatly impact our work include pet food, toys, pet care items, blankets and towels, cleaning products, and office supplies. You can even earn donations for RHHS when you are shopping online and even by taking your dog for a walk using the Wooftrax © app! Click here to make a monetary donation to Roice-Hurst, and click here to see our supply Wish List! 
  5. Be a responsible pet owner! Another great way you can help rescue organizations is by being a responsible pet owner. Keeping your pet spayed/neutered prevents unwanted or accidental litters and keeps your pet from adding to the large population of pets needing homes. Another great way to show responsibility for your pet is by keeping identification on your pet at all times. The easiest and most permanent way to identify your pet is by getting them microchipped and keeping microchip information up to date. Accidents happen, so it is always best to keep ID on your pet for the best chances of reunification. For more tips on responsible pet ownership, check out September’s blog post.
  6. Spread the word! One of the simplest ways to help out your local rescue or shelter is by sharing the word in the community! Let your friends know about events and fundraisers happening, share adoptable pets with those who are looking for a new furry friend, and help be the voice for the dogs and cats who don’t have one.
  7. Let us know! It is always a wonderful experience when we get to see the impact of our work in the lives of the animals and people we serve. A simple thank you goes a long way when we see the lifelong bonds being formed between pets and their new people. Kind words of appreciation for what RHHS does every day or even updates on your newly adopted friend helps us know we are making a difference in your life and your pet’s.

Thank you for supporting Roice-Hurst Humane Society and the work we do every day to help animals in need! We couldn’t do it without you!